So, we’ve already established the fact that we want little Billy’s eyes and vision to be protected so he may have a future in Pro sports, but next comes the task of finding the right protective eyewear!

Ah, but you might say ‘well little Billy wears prescription glasses and he has sunglasses too…isn’t that enough?!’ Dr. Kash has the answer to that question and it is a … resounding no! Little Billy needs sports eyewear or goggles. Unless little Billy is playing a low impact sport such as fishing, track and field, tennis, or golf. Even still, better to be safe than sorry!

You see, sports eyewear or goggles are made with an impact resistant material known as polycarbonate. This material can help protect the eyes from fast moving objects. And while material is important, choosing the right frame is equally as important. Prescription lenses can be put in the majority of sports frames and the frames themselves are also made from a highly impact resistant material. Not to mention most of these frames come with a padding to protect the face and eyes from impact. Some protective sports eyewear can even be made to fit inside of a helmet if necessary.

When it comes to children, however, we need to, make sure to get the proper fit for the protective eyewear. Buying goggles bigger than necessary so a child can grow with them is a common mistake. Protective sports goggles should fit properly, not loosely, or on the flip side not too tightly.

So, Dr. Kash can’t stress enough the importance of protective eyewear, especially for the young eyes! Stay tuned because next week Dr. Kash has first aid tips in the event of an eye injury.