Brrrrrr….it…is…that…time…of year where Dr. Kash can’t stop shivering and starts his countdown to summer!

And in the desperate longing for the warm sunny days to return, there’s at least one thing Dr. Kash can keep using all year long that reminds him of the beach…sunglasses! The importance of shielding our eyes from harmful U.V. rays cannot be stressed enough! It’s not just a summer thing…it’s an all year long necessity! So, this week Dr. Kash has some friendly reminders when it comes to U.V. protection.

  • Be in the know. Just because you’ve purchased a pair of sunglasses does not mean that is has U.V. protection. Be sure to look for a label, sticker, or tag stating that the sunglasses you’re purchasing have protection.
  • Dark does not equate to more protection. U.V. protection doesn’t have to do with color. Just because the lenses are dark, according to the Vision Council, doesn’t mean they will better protect the eyes if no U.V. protection is present. On the contrary, without actual U.V. guard, because dark lenses will dilate the pupil, it can actually allow more harmful rays into the eye!
  • The kiddos need protected too! Little eye are still developing and maturing which means it’s absolutely imperative they be protected! With the added bonus of course that they will look extra cute and stylish!
  • Eye still need protected during winter! Just because we don’t actually see the sun as much as we’d like to in the winter months, doesn’t mean it went away. Behind the clouds, even in summer, the sun’s rays are still beaming down at us so we need to be guarded.

So, shield those eyes, enjoy the holidays, and stay warm my friends!