It’s finally April!  

And ladies, maybe you’re working on maintaining that summer figure now that we’re inching closer to warm beach weather! Or maybe you just have an overall all goal of eating healthier, with the occasional chocolate to satisfy that sweet tooth. Regardless of what healthier lifestyle choices you’ve made or are making, don’t neglect you beautiful windows to the soul! After all, it is Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month, and Dr. Kash has some helpful insights and advice.

For starters, it’s been found that more women deal with visual impairments than men and nearly over 60% of blindness affects women. According to the National Eye Institute, the reasons for women being more affected than men are:

  • Women live longer than men.
  • More women are at greater risks for having autoimmune diseases.
  • Women experience normal age-related hormonal changes which may affect the eyes.

So, with this in mind, what to do about it!?…..Well, keep it simple and start by eating a healthy diet. Not only will healthy eating help you keep/achieve that summer bod, but your whole body will benefit and that includes your eyes! This means eating a diet rich in Vitamin C &E, beta carotene, Omega-3 fatty acids, and well just make sure you eat your veggies! Along with eating healthy, be sure to stay active! Exercise has been found to also reduce the risk for eye disease.  Also, don’t neglect eye exams! Make you schedule them annually!

So there you have it! Ladies, Dr. Kash hopes you keep your eyes fit and that goes for the gentleman as well! Until next time amigos!