Little Eyes

Dr. Kash wants to make sure the kiddos are taken care of as far as eye health is concerned. So, this week, it’s all about them. Children’s eye health needs and development differ somewhat than that of adults. Making sure their eyes are healthy at a young age can help to correct some issues such as a lazy eye, whereas waiting till adulthood to address this problem could be too late to reverse it. Regular eye exams and vision screening are vital to catch vision problems early, even in babies, to help prevent/reverse any problems which arise. For babies, keeping track of their ability to follow movement, or noticing if one eye constantly turns inward or outward are things to bring up to the pediatrician. For children in general, excessive tearing or eye rubbing, constant squinting, poor hand/eye coordination, reading or watching T.V. too close, etc., are also things to bring up to the child’s doctor. So, let’s help little eyes grow strong & see big!