It’s the time when ghouls and goblins,
witches and vampires will soon be
invading the streets!

Ahhh! Ok, so not really, maybe Dr. Kash is being a bit dramatic, but it is October which means Halloween is approaching! Of course there will be parties, parades, and trick or treating to be had and that means dress up! With costumes and makeup, often times different colored contacts or spooky ones come in to play. Dr. Kash would like to share some contact lens safety advice not only for the Halloween season, but for everyday use as well.

Prevent has declared October as Contact Lens Safety Awareness Month. So there are some things to keep in mind when wearing contact lenses. First and foremost, because contact lenses are considered a medical device by the FDA, they are illegal to sell without a prescription. Something to keep in mind when playing dress up or for cosmetic reasons.  Also, purchasing contact lenses over the internet, in stores, or flea markets is probably not the safest thing to do. Always consult your eye doctor for your contact lens needs.  According to the AOA Contact Lens and Cornea Section (CLCS) chair Thomas Quinn, O.D. “it’s extremely important that consumers get an eye exam and only wear contact lenses, with or without vision correction, that are properly fitted and prescribed by an eye doctor.” Again, Dr. Kash can’t stress enough the importance of protecting our peepers!

So, here are some tips from the American Optometric Association when it comes to handling and wearing contact lenses:

  • Be sure to wash and dry your hands when handling your contacts to help minimize and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria or dirt from getting into your eyes.
  • Be sure to follow the recommend wear time by your eye doctor. This will reduce eye irritations and possibly eye damage.
  • Be sure to regularly replace your contact lens case and clean them as well.
  • Do not sleep in with your contacts in – this increases chance for infections.
  • Only use fresh contact lens solution to clean your contacts.

So look good but be safe at the same time! Dr. Kash has your best interest in mind! Now, give me candy! Happy Halloween!