So now we know how important it is to protect little Billy’s eyes so maybe one day he has a shot in Professional sports, but what to do in the event little Billy forgets his brand new sports goggles or protective eyewear?

This week Dr. Kash has some first aid tips in the event of an eye injury.

First things first, should a child sustain any type of eye injury never just assume that it is harmless! A call to the doctor couldn’t do any harm, on the contrary, it can help tremendously. Dr. Kash has the following advice for first aid:

  • For any and all eye injuries, don’t rub or apply pressure to the eye.
  • In the event of a blow to the eye, you can apply a cold compress but try not applying pressure. Contact your doctor.
  • For cuts and punctures, do not wash the eye out. Shield the eye but do not apply pressure and contact your doctor immediately.

So when is an emergency trip to the E.R. the best thing to do? If any of the following things occur, Dr. Kash suggests going to emergency is best:

  • Loss of vision or any trouble seeing.
  • Severe eye pain or blood in the eye.
  • Nausea or vomiting right after an eye injury.

Again, Dr. Kash wants to stress the importance of protecting young eyes by using the appropriate sports safety eyewear!  The kiddos can’t enjoy their sports if they can’t see! Most eye injuries can certainly be prevented by taking the necessary measures to protect them! Stay safe!