So, the kiddos are back in school and we all know what that means…sports!

Whether it’s football, baseball, soccer, etc. eye safety is of the utmost importance. I mean, little Billy can’t play if he can’t see cause little Johnny cranked that fast ball right to little Billy’s face and got him right in the eye! Ouch, that’s going to leave a mark! Dr. Kash wants to make sure little Billy, and kids like him, have the chance to make it the Major Leagues one day, with vision and eyeballs intact! So, in recognition of sports eye safety month, Dr. Kash has some tips and brings awareness in this three part series.

According to the National Eye Institute, eye injuries are the leading cause of blindness in children and account for nearly 100,000 doctor visits a year! The reality is that the majority of these injuries can be prevented by simply using the proper eye protection. Regular prescription glasses won’t do the trick. It is imperative to use the right safety glasses, goggles, shields, or guards designed for different sports. Different sports are categorized by risk factors for eye injury which vary from high to safe. A high risk sport would be one such as basketball or paintball whereas a safe sport would be gymnastics or track and field.

Stay tuned, because next week Dr. Kash has some guidelines for choosing/finding
the right eye protection for the athlete!