Ready to hit the beach? How about go for a jog, or just sit outside and soak up the sun that’s been eluding us during the cold, dreary winter months?! Whichever the case, you’ll want to be able to see clearly (and safely) while outdoors, especially while driving, so now might be a good time to invest in some styling shades!

Here are some of Dr. Kash’s recommendations for your sunwear needs:

First up,  Xperio UV This lens provides maximum UV protection using various layers to also aid in minimizing glare and reinforce durability. Xperio UV lenses come in a variety of colors, both solid and gradient, as well as mirrored.

Next we have KBCO lenses. Specializing in polarized lenses, KBCO offers a variety of options for your sunwear needs. Choose from an array of colors that meet the eye protection essentials of different outdoor activities, such as golf, skiing, etc… S.V.  ready mirrored lenses are also available.

Thirdly, there are Kodak Total Blue Polarized lenses. These provide protection against 100% of the sun’s rays as well as up to 80% blue light filtration.

Lastly, there’s a bonus for the ladies…Velvet Eyewear. Velvet’s founder, Cindy Hussey, shares that their sunwear line provides 100% U.V. protection and also informs customers about the benefits of wearing sunglasses, such as “help fight fine lines and crow’s feet.” Good to know! Learn more about this line at

Dr. Kash hopes you stay protected and styling this coming summer!