They say the eyes are the window to the soul, which means it’s probably a good idea to keep those “windows” protected! Warding off that pesky damaging blue light is the first step. And lucky for you, there are a variety of different lens options to help you protect those peepers of yours.

Option #1
Like having a clear lens, no tint, but still want some flare? Crizal Prevencia may be an option for you. It has no tint but its coating does cast a slight purple hue, which is the indicator that the lenses are doing their job of keeping your eyes protected filtering out up to 20 % of the HEV blue light.

Option #2
So, you’re not exactly into a tinted lens huh? Well not to worry, Kodak Total Blue is another alternative for you. It’s a hybrid of coating and material that filters the HEV blue light. Kodak Total Blue offers minimal residual color and has a slight blue reflection. And if you want outdoor protection, it is also available in a polarized lens and comes with a blue mirror-like finish keeping you styling while being protected. It’s a win -win!


Option #3

Ok, so maybe you don’t mind having a slight tint to your lenses and you definitely want those precious “windows” protected! You spend long hours slaving away in front of a computer screen, or are a parent of teen glued to their mobile device and want their beautiful little eyes protected? ! BluTech lenses may be an option for you. There are indoor and outdoor lenses. Indoor BluTech lenses have a slight amber color that helps to filter out the harmful blue light and enhances contrast. It is designed to mimic the eye’s natural protection against blue light.


Option #4

HyBluV is the new kid on the block.  This hybrid is a clear lens with a built in UV inhibitor that is dispersed throughout the lens material itself, providing great protection against the band of blue light spectrum that causes damage.

And there you have it….great options to protect those gorgeous baby blues, or browns, or hazels….you see where I’m going with this.