Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to…

Oh, sorry, Dr. Kash is just a little excited for Halloween. The costume is all ready and you can’t forget a great makeup job to really look ghoulish! Dr. Kash already went over contact lens safety, but he also wants to make sure we’re careful with makeup. And this doesn’t just apply to Halloween, but everyday use as well!

So maybe besides the creepy contacts one may be looking to use for this year’s costume, eye makeup is next on the list. Of course, eye makeup plays a big role in the daily routine of women around the world, so taking extra caution when using eyeliner, more specifically water-based ones, as well as mascara and fake eyelashes, is a good idea. The reason being, these can carry a buildup up bacteria that can get into the eyes. Not to mention, taking extra caution not to accidently poke yourself in the eye, especially when we’re running late in the morning because we spilled our morning coffee, so we cried and now the makeup we have on is running and needs touched up so we don’t truly look like a zombie or rabid raccoon! Know what I mean?! Ok, so back on track, an accidental poke can scratch the cornea and that is no bueno! So what can we do stay safe without totally giving up eye makeup?

  • Well, for starters, making sure to check expiration dates is ideal because old makeup has a greater chance of carrying bacteria.
  • Secondly, be sure to use clean brushed when applying makeup.
  • Although sharing may be caring in other instances in life, makeup is not one of those. So maybe don’t!
  • Just be cautious with any pointy, bristled, sharp objects around your eyes, always!

So, have fun this Halloween (and every other day) but remember to stay safe!