It’s a tale of the return of the 

big, bad, blue monster 

who steals your sleep and creates zombie-like creatures! Ahhhh! Just kidding, well, kind of. Dr. Kash wants to make sure that after having had an eye exam, little eyes stay protected. With school beginning soon, the kiddos need those little peepers shielded from, you guessed it, blue light! With projects, and papers to write, or making plans with friends on social media on electonic devices, the little ones are bombarded with the blue stuff! But, no fear, Dr. Kash has the youngins covered!

Just to recap, blue light is emitted from almost every screen we find ourselves in front of on a daily basis, as well as from the sun. Since the little ones (and not so little ones) are headed back to school, it is probably a good idea to get them back into a regular sleep pattern. Blue light, however, can affect and disrupt our sleep patterns – especially if your teenager goes to bed with their phone, or the wee ones go to bed with a television on in their rooms. This is a big no, no! Blue light interferes with the production of melatonin in our bodies causing us to not feel so sleepy and therefore getting to sleep later. And let’s be honest, who needs more stress in the morning trying to get the kids up on time for school, getting them ready, and fighting morning traffic?! So to help protect against blue light and have the kiddos styling in their new glasses, Dr. Kash has a few suggestions.

First is the new Transitions Signature Style Colors. Not only do they look really cool and you get to choose new colors (sapphire, emerald, amber & amethyst), but most importantly the eyes are protected at the same time! Transitions lenses can block up to 20% harmful blue light indoors and up to 85% outdoors. If a clear lens is preferred, not to worry becuase the Essential Blue Series lenses offers protection against harmful blue light, 3X more protection that is, compared to regular clear lenses.

So, let’s help to keep young eyes protected this school year (and all year round) so that they can have a better learning experiece in class and protect those peepers!