Facegram…or is it Instabook, Instaface….Instapot?! …Oh, you know…that social media platform!


Social media is a huge part of today’s world! According to Adweek.com, roughly 69% of the adult U.S. population uses social media. A Pew survey concluded that almost 94% of teens are on social media. Needless to say it can be an invaluable tool for any business to boost sales, awareness, and so much more! So if you feel a bit overwhelmed by it, don’t worry because Dr. Kash has some tips this week to help make the most of social media for your practice.


We live in the age of the screen! Information literally at our fingertips! So most often when you want to find more out about a business, store, movie, etc. you go directly to their website or social media page. One of the keys of the social media game, as it relates to business/marketing, is definitely consistency. Don’t leave your social media sites unattended for a long period of time. Keep posts fresh, at minimum 3 times a week. This helps you to stay relevant to current and prospective customers/patients. If this seems too daunting a task for one person to handle due to workload, delegate to different staff members to stay up to date in your social media presence.


Secondly, make sure your content is valuable and relevant to your followers/readers. Keep them engaged, provide information, but just enough as to leave them wanting to find out more. With content in mind, you can also provide incentives such as discounts or exclusive deals if, for example, they follow you on all social media outlets, or for referral, etc. You may even hold contests, all with the purpose of driving more traffic to your sites and most importantly, your business. In all of your social media experiences, let your practice’s unique personality shine through! Be professional, but be real and relatable.

Dr. Kash hopes you have fun posting and sharing! He also encourages you to use social media to your benefit and success!
Until next time…