Ahhh…it’s the month of love!

So how much do you love those star struck eyes of yours?!  February also happens to be Age- Related Macular Degeneration awareness month, so make sure to give your eyes some lovin’ and keep up with regular eye exams! This week, Dr. Kash gives some insight on the disease, who’s more at risk, and the various stages of the disease.

So there’s this little part of the eye called the macula that is the most sensitive part of your retina and it’s located at the back of the eye. AMD is a disease which damages this part of the eye responsible for clear detail straight in front of us such as reading or driving. Macular damage can ultimately lead to vision loss and unfortunately there’s no cure for it. While it may not lead to complete blindness, central vision is very important in our daily lives. People most at risk for this disease are people aged 60+, however it can occur earlier. Lifestyle and genetics also play a role in the onset of AMD.

Some symptoms of the disease include: Loss of clear color vision, straight lines becoming more wavy looking, the shape of different objects may become distorted, and also a gradual loss of the ability to see things clearly. With that being said, it is a good idea to be sure to keep up with our eye health and exams. Smoking and obesity are two factors that can contribute to AMD aside from age, so taking care of ourselves and following a healthy lifestyle is important not only for the rest of our bodies, but also our sight!

So, Dr. Kash want you to see long and live happy!
Be sure to stay on top of your eye health and take care of yourself! Until next time my friends!