Celebrate Your Shades!

This week Dr. Kash has some fun facts and cool history on sunglasses in honor of National Sunglasses Day coming up June 27th! Oh, and don’t forget to post your sunglass selfie on our Facebook page for a chance to win a free pair of Polarized lenses! Ok, class in now in session!

  • We can go as far back as in the times of Roman Emperor Nero to note “sunglass” use. Although not as we know them today, Nero would watch the gladiators duke it out through polished light green emeralds.
  • Fast forward a bit to the 12th Century and the Chinese judges would wear smoky quartz flat glassed panes to hide their expressions so as not to give away their judgments.
  • 20th Century – Sunglasses were used to give protection from the sun, and in 1929 a man named Sam Foster started selling these glasses, his Foster Grants, on at Woolworth’s in Atlantic City, New Jersey. These were the first mass produced sunglasses & started the fashion trend.
  • By the early 1930s, green tinted aviator were invented & used by pilots to protect them from glare. Around the early 1950s, the Wayfarers were made popular by celebrities. The company behind them: you guessed it, Ray-Ban.
  • The award for most sunglasses, with over 1000 pairs goes to ….Elton John!
  • It’s estimated that every 14 minutes, Americans lose, break, or sit on pair of sunglasses. Good thing Dr. Kash knows where you can get yours replaced (wink, wink)!

On a more serious note, just make sure you protect those eyes when outdoors! Lack of protection can lead to serious issues and Dr. Kash wants you to be safe!