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Based on feedback from our customers, we have put together programs that help you build your practice, and require no extra tracking or work from you and your staff. Contact your sales representative or customer service with any comments or questions you may have.

Dates Program & Overview


  • Uncut digital orders received in our Silver Spring, MD facility by 12 Noon leave our facility the NEXT DAY – 24 HOURS – GUARANTEED*. (Add one day if ordering through one of our branch locations.)
  • Complete digital orders received in our Silver Spring, MD facility by 12 Noon leave our facility in TWO DAYS – 48 HOURS – from when the job and frame are received - GUARANTEED*. (Add one day if ordering through one of our branch locations.)
HOMER’S EXPRESS DIGITAL DELIVERY SERVICE includes choice of Crizal. Contact customer service for a complete list of digital progressives included in this offer, or download the program details from our “Download Section” of www.homeroptical.com


Your Homer Optical Sales Consultant has extensive training and expertise in digital lens technology and products and is available to present our new training, Demystifying Digital Lenses. Use them to help you and your staff understand and leverage today’s new products to better meet your patients’ visual needs. In-office Breakfast Meetings, Lunch and Learns, and after hours Dinner Meetings are available.  They’re fun, interactive and the perfect opportunity to learn how these lenses work, and which one is best for your business. Included in the presentation is Digital Dialogue, so everyone in the office is comfortable Talking Digital to patients, as well as a Retail Price Calculator, pre-loaded with customary margins to ensure profitability.

GH Club Homer

It’s free ... Eye care professionals qualify to become a member based on 2010 Rx pairs and AR lens sales.

Where it pays to be a member ... Because growth over last year’s AR numbers are rewarded.

Membership with Choices ... Because we supply all major lens brands and AR lens brands.

Membership with Value ... Because we do the all the work for you, and send you monthly updates.

A systematic approach to growing your business!

Eye care professionals interested in becoming a Club Homer member should contact their Homer Optical Sales Consultant.

Homers Kids – great optics and frames, plus an optional INSURANCE AGAINST LOSS - Every Day

Homers Kids Frame & Lens Program
Our new comprehensive frame and lens package offering great optics, polycarbonate lenses, AR treatment and attractive frames featuring the popular Moxie Girlz, SPIDERMAN and Laughing Out Loud (LOL) lines with full two year warranty. Plus it’s now worry-free for parents, with Homer’s Protection Against Loss (PAL) insurance program.

1. We all know that kids lose their glasses, and parents shop around for the best deal, let alone add on extras like AR. Our PAL program is designed to help eye care professionals give their patients the confidence to invest in their kids’ eyewear. The PAL program is available for a nominal fee, and provides a one-time replacement of Stride Rite frame and lens. IMPORTANT: The PAL program must be purchased at time of order; a one time replacement of the same frame, same Rx and same extras/coatings will be provided. ECPs will receive a Protection Against Loss certificate to pass on to their patient when frame and lens is dispensed.

Every Day

Second Pair Policy - Customers ordering 2 pairs of lenses for the same customer at the same time with the same Rx will get a 30% discount on the order that is the least expensive, for the entire order. Contact customer service or your Homer Optical Sales Representative for details.

Every Day

Homer’s Polarized Savings Promotion… Get 50% OFF second pair sales with Homer's Polarized Promotion. It's easy - just dispense 2 pairs Rx lenses to the same patient - if one pair is polarized, we'll give you a 50% discount to the lower priced Rx order. NEW IN 2007 – 50% off second pair sale includes Crizal Sun, or Transitions lenses with Crizal Sun

Every Day

Practice Plus 50% Bonus: We've teamed up with Practice Plus to add an extra 50% to funding for Kodak Concise and Kodak Precise progressives. Ask your sales rep for details.

Every Day

Interest free 2 month deferred purchase program on some of our best selling frames

Every Day

Right On Target: Next day turnaround guarantee for Crizal uncut orders received in our Silver Spring facility by 12 noon. If next day delivery is missed, coating is FREE.

Every Day

Customized Lifestyle Dispensing Aid: We'll put your name and logo on a Lifestyle Dispensing questionnaire designed to help you identify patients' various vision needs. This program also includes a laminated sheet listing a variety of sports and hobbies with recommended lens designs-an easy-to-use reference tool for today's busy dispenser.

Every Day

Homer’s Occupational Lens Calculator: Tired of not being quite sure which Occupational Lens will best suit your patients’ needs? Tired of trying to remember how to place the order for a particular lens? Homer Optical has solved the confusion with the unique Occupational Lens Calculator. It allows you to select various occupational lens designs from a drop down box. Simply type in the patient’s street Rx and the Occupational Lens Calculator makes the conversion for you – the best and quickest way to verify exactly what lens will give your patient the power they need. Homer will send a CD to you free, or download from our web site.

Every Day

Crizal Non-Glare Lens Customized Ownership Card: Each Crizal non-glare lens processed by Homer Optical comes with a Customized Ownership card that has your name and phone number on the card, right next to your patients name! This one-of-a-kind practice-building tool is exclusive to Homer Optical!

Every Day

Co-op funding in the form of credit is available for approved equipment. Amount of credit is based on customer's monthly billings with Homer. Earn up to $200 per month on equipment to enhance your practice. Credits will be provided up to 50% of the cost of the approved equipment or term of the lease.

Every Day

Homer's Hot Link System: The computerized ordering system that allows you to send the exact frame measurements to us electronically-saves time and money!

Every Day

Visionweb.com: The on-line portal enabling you to place Rx orders electronically. Ask your Homer Optical sales representative for details.

Every Day On-Line Order Status: Access all Rx orders placed via phone, fax and Vision Web on-line anytime, day or night, at www.visionweb.com. Call your sales representative or click on "Featured Promotions" or "New Products" for details.

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